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Cork is truly the most eco friendly fashion replacement for leather. It's sustainable, recyclable, environmentally friendly and also free from cruelty. Suberstyle’s environmentally friendly products are all hand made from cork. The range includes ethical gifts for vegans or vegetarians such as eco friendly wallets, purses and bags that are made of top quality cork textile: therefore they are completely free from animal products, helping to make them the perfect green gifts for vegans, vegetarians as well as ethical gifts for conscientious people.

Suberstyle’s earth friendly products have become the genuine substitute for leather items and so eco friendly fashion has never been more trendy. Vegans and vegetarians do not need to buy the old rough & ready hemp or artificial vinyl and plastic items. Each of these eco friendly gifts of cork wallets, purses and bags are all produced in Portugal by crafts-people. Suberstyle’s cork eco products and green gift items are durable yet still very soft to ones touch and simple to clean. Just simply wipe using a washcloth soaked in lukewarm soapy water and then leave the item to dry naturally.

If you want excellent ethical gifts, eco friendly gifts for any of your friends, loved ones or yourself, a Suberstyle cork wallet, purse or handbag will certainly be the eco friendly choice.

Cork’s is eco friendly, and make terrific green gifts.

Cork is collected from the cork oak (Quercus suber) which is a wholly earth friendly product cultivated within the Mediterranean areas of the European Union. The bark of this cork oak should be taken every 7 to 9 years leaving the original tree undamaged and capable of producing further cork for long-term use. Suberstyle’s cork textile (slim layers of harvested cork fused to top quality pure cotton fabric) is taken from cork groves in Portugal that are the source for more than 50 percent of the world’s cork.

Eco products that make the best eco friendly gifts.

Cork is certainly an eco friendly fashion product that helps bring about environmental conservation required for Mediterranean plant life and animals to survive. The main species in trouble is the Iberian Lynx, by far the most badly endangered big cat across the world, which in the past thrived within the broad expanses of the cork groves in Spain & Portugal. The Iberian Lynx’s numbers have almost disappeared since the natural environment has come under rising peril from road and dam construction, as well as the wine trade which is searching for alternatives to the normal cork stoppers. Choosing from Suberstyle’s eco friendly range of goods is definitely a step towards preserving and widening this kind of environment.

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